The gift that truly keeps on giving: self-care. This holiday season, why not give something that’ll help your friends and loved ones take some much-needed me-time? Or, you know, gift yourself a little self-love.

Here, we rounded up 28 gifts that’ll encourage anyone on your list to treat themselves and take extra care. The best part: all items are under $50, because most of our wallets could use some care as well.

1. A Subscription to Shine's Mindful Moments, $4.99/month


Shine now has an iOS app full of interactive meditations that sound like your BFF (psst… 9 ways the app enhances your Shine Text experience). The app is free, but you can treat yo' self to an annual premium subscription and gain access to our full library of meditations—which include challenges to help you beat burnout, get productive, love yourself, and more.

2. The Little Book of Mindfulness, $7

book mindfulness

For the bookworm on your list: Here’s a pick that’s full of five- to 10-minute mindfulness practices to try out. It's a great start for a meditation newbie.

3. Tea It Yourself Blending Kit, $13


This blending kit lets you mix your own teas to create your own cup to your liking. Between Gunpowder tea, spearmint, and dark chocolate flavors, this kit is meant to “refresh and relax you throughout the season,” according to Anthropologie’s website. The kit makes up to 40 cups of tea, and there’s a chai tea kit option as well.

4. 142-Piece Wood Art Set, $33

rainbow art kit gift

Creating art is a wonderful way to escape from stress and focus that energy on something productive and tactile. This kit is a great starter box full of supplies that’ll sit pretty in anyone’s home.

5. A Tiny Self-Care Kit, $8+

tiny selfcare kit

Straight from Etsy, this handmade little kit comes with a small donation to mental health charity Mind. This is a great option to send to that long distance friend that lives in a different state or country. Or: Create your own version and include a donation in a friend's name to your preferred mental health charity.

6. Chores Coupons, Free

crayons-pencils-flatlay 4460x4460

If you have a friend or loved one who might need extra help with chores or daily tasks, giving a coupon to help with meal prep or cleaning around their home is a great inexpensive gift that’ll be appreciated. Get creative and create your own coupons, or find some printable templates here.

7. A Cozy Arm-Knit Wool Blanket, $40+


Get your hygge on (the Danish concept of coziness) with this cozy blanket. It pairs well with a Netflix marathon and/or wine.

8. Lush Bath Bombs, $5+

bath bombs

These little beauties make wonderful stocking stuffers or an inexpensive secret santa gift—and they’re sure to fizz into a beautiful display that’s just begging to be Instagrammed.

9. Bright Ideas Journal, $15

bright ideas journal

This journal is divided into sections with 10 different colors, each with its own creative prompt. It’s perfect for someone who might want to start journaling, but needs a prompt to help inspire them.

10. Essential Oil Diffuser, $22


Essential oils are pretty powerful—they use your sense of smell to do things like calm you down, help you sleep and relax, and more. This diffuser helps spread the beneficial scents in your home.

11. Animal-Printed Sheet Masks, $5

sheet masks

Sheet masks are an easy way to give yourself a special beauty treatment without paying spa prices. I’m a big fan of these animal-printed masks, because they’re hilarious as much as they are hydrating.

12. Sun Lamp, $50

sun lamp

When wintertime darkness sets in, our mood can be seriously affected by the lack of sunlight. Thankfully, you can put this lamp on your desk to help you absorb some extra light even in the darkest of months.

13. A Lavender Eye Pillow, $17 or Homemade

eye pillow

Etsy has a great selection of scebted eye pillows, like this one for $17. If you’re the DIY type, you can make your friends an eye pillow that’ll help calm them down (plus, they smell ah-mazing). Instructions on how to make your own are here.

14. An Encouraging Keychain, $15


Every day, you get up and try—that deserves some recognition. Let this keychain be a small-but-mighty source of motivation.

15. Himalayan Salt Lamp, $20


Not only do salt lamps give off a warm orangey glow that’s calming, they also supposedly improve air quality and reduce allergens. Bonus: They're pretttty.

16. A Cheerful Mug, $10


While there’s a world of options out there for mugs with clever sayings on them, this one from Urban Outfitters is a great reminder that we could all use a little more self-love. And, yes, coffee is a form of self-love.

17. A Gel Seat Cushion, $32


With this, you can turn any average office chair into something a bit more comfortable. It’s perfect for anybody who mostly works in a seated position, and the difference daily comfort can make on your mood is not to be overlooked.

18. Love With Food Subscription Box, $8/month

love with food

This subscription box is perfect for someone trying to find healthier snacks. Plus, the company donates to a food bank each month that you subscribe. Talk about a win-win!

19. Cozy PJs, $7-22


Everybody needs some fresh PJs to lounge in on our days off (ripped sweats from your High School days aren’t cutting it anymore), and Target always has a bunch of options. They even have matching sets for entire families—or, you know, your squad of VIPs.

20. Meditation Starter Kit, $40

meditation kit

This cute kit has crystals and other "high vibrational tools" to help you amp up your meditation game, yoga practice, or the chill vibes in your room.

21. S’Well Water Bottle, $25+


Hydration is key, ladies and gentlemen.

22. A Spotify Playlist of Your Favorite Self-Love Tunes, Free


Anybody with WiFi can make a playlist on Spotify full of their favorite self-love tunes—and then share it with the people they love. (May I recommend mine, “Extraordinary” by Liz Phair?) There’s something to be said about hand-picked tunes from a best friend that’ll always be timeless.

23. ClassPass Membership, $35+/month

spinal-twist-yoga-wheel 4460x4460

For your gym junkie friend who is constantly talking about the latest studio fitness trend: ClassPass will give them access to workouts around town without the commitment to one gym or studio.

24. Bob Ross Coloring Book, $17

bob ross

Color yourself happy by filling in Bob Ross’s “happy little trees.”

25. A "Homebody" Shirt, $26


This tee is perfect for all those Friday, Saturday, Sunday—ok, all those nights in all week long. Also: Your excuse for not going out is always at the ready.

26. A Personal Zen Garden, $30

zen garden

Your friend can keep this on their desk at work or coffee table at home for easy access when things get stressful.

27. Hey Girl Tea, $25

hey girl tea

Give tea to your bestie with a quirky reminder to take of themselves.

28. A Giant Fuzzy Robe, $20

StockSnap 3QL8IOYS4Z

It doesn’t matter if it’s the start of your day or at the end—a giant fuzzy robe will make you feel like royalty.

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