In case you missed it: Shine launched its first app for iOS last week. The team at Shine HQ worked fearlessly (#latenights #allthecoffee #butalsoselfcare) to create a free app that makes wellbeing more accessible, compassionate, and personal. And this app? We think it does all that and more.

But still, you might be wondering: Why do I need the Shine app? Maybe you're an OG Shine user (oh hey!) who loves waking up to that motivational text message every weekday. Maybe you already get Shine texts via Facebook, and you're used to starting your morning with Shine in the Facebook Messenger app.

First: thank you. Thank you for being a Shine user and part of our amazing community. Thanks to you, we're 1 million strong across the world. Second: fear not. None of these platforms will disappear now that we have a fancy app—you can still get Shine Texts for free via text, Facebook messenger, and Kik. (And Android Shine users—your app is in the works!)

But third: If you're a Shine fan with an iPhone, downloading the Shine app can seriously enhance your Shine experience and make self-care and personal growth a lot easier—and a lot more fun.

Here are nine reasons why (with GIFs, of course):

1. It's a One-Stop Shine Text Shop


With the hustle and bustle of Facebook or your message inbox, it's easy for texts to get lost. Now, with the Shine app, it's all so simple: You get notifications when your daily text is ready, and you can read it right in-app. And for our OG Shine Text users, there's no more link clicking when you have the app. The entire Shine experience is right in the app—it's a one-stop Shine shop. And trust: It's still the messaging experience you love, but with an even better design. You can access our daily articles in the app, too.

2. We Gave Meditation a Shine Makeover


We could've created an app that just delivered your Shine Texts—but we also decided to remix meditation, too.

You've probably heard the buzz about meditation apps and the benefits of mindfulness—but you also might have downloaded the most popular mindfulness apps and felt like you couldn't get into it. We felt the same—so that's why we created a new style of meditation that sounds like your BFF rather than a calm robot.

We call our meditations Mindful Moments, and you can now stream them on the Shine app 247. We made sure to create a library of mindful moments for many situations. There are tracks to help you get calm, of course, but we also have Mindful Moments focused on self-care for online dating, dealing with toxic friends, feeling unqualified in the workplace, and more.

We tapped top wellness experts and influencers to create meditations that sound like your favorite podcasts. Our Mindful Moments feel like you're sitting down with a friend, someone who gets you and wants to chat for 5. And it's legit—we created our Mindful Moments with psychologist Dr. Anna Rowley, and they pair mindfulness and acceptance training to help you grow with compassion.

3. You Can Now Do Challenges With Shine


You can listen to individual Mindful Moments on the Shine app, or you can go deep with a seven-day challenge. With our challenges, you can get intentional and focus on that one thing you want to work on that week. Categories include Love Yourself, Get Productive, Get Fulfilled, and Beat Burnout. After you complete a track, a new track unlocks and they build on each other to help you really explore a topic.

4. Our Mindful Moments Ask How You're Feeling—And Respond


All our Mindful Moments come with a hands-free and an interactive version. The hands-free version plays like a podcast or traditional meditation—and it's great for when you're on the go. But our interactive mode is something we're stoked about. When you do an interactive track, the app asks you questions to get a sense of how you're feeling, and it gives you personalized advice and a specific meditation based on your answers. It's like choose-your-own-adventure mindfulness.

For example: Our Day 2 track of our Get Fulfilled Challenge asks you to think of a time when you voiced your needs. Then, it asks if it felt easy or hard to speak up. The interactive Mindful Moments help you get specific and really think about how you're feeling and living—and it's truly unlike any other kind of meditation out there.

5. It's Here For Your Love of Mantras


Got a wall full of inspiring sticky notes? The Shine app will help you add to your growing library of empowering statements. Each Shine text includes an empowering statement (design-ready for Instagram), and our Mindful Moments all end with mantras to help you remember what you've learned.

6. We Have Mindful Moments For Those Moments in the Day


The Shine app has a section called Quick Hitters, which are meditations for the morning, afternoon, and evening. These meditations ask you what you need in the moment—maybe it's a moment of calm in the morning, focus in the afternoon, or permission to rest in the evening—and they're made to be repeated.

7. Our Mindful Moments Update on The Reg


Our audio library isn't going to stay static—we'll add new tracks and challenges every month. And we want to adapt with what you need. For starters: We'll have holiday help during those stressful times and tracks to help you set goals for 2018.

8. We Think It's Pretty


We worked hard to make the app feel like a breath of fresh air. Think: minimal design, pastel colors, and photos of everyday people living their best lives. It's all part of a Shine brand refresh, and we're so excited about our new look.

9. It's Free


Yup, just like the classic Shine Text, the Shine app is completely free to download. You can download the app and start getting daily motivational Shine Texts ASAP. And you can also do our three quick hitter meditations for free. To access our full Mindful Moments library, it's a monthly subscription fee—but it's cheaper than your monthly coffee budget. Plus: You can try out all the content for seven days totally free.

Bonus: These People Think It's Cool…

Ready, set, download 👇